• Checkmate Platform

    Increasing closing (policy placement) ratios for John Q Insurance Advisor / Broker with complex / extraordinary life insurance clients since 1996



    A life insurance broker's / advisor's job is much about managing risk for clients.

    For Your Information

    The insurance companies we work with are hand-picked to address marketplace voids.


    By tapping into our relationships with home office underwriters, we often obtain more favorable decisions than a broker could via her / his captive agency or existing brokerage agency.

    Your Benefits

    The Checkmate Platform™ is about operational efficiency. That is, the logistics of showing brokers how to not disappoint and / or lose clients because of the many obstacles involved in underwriting and placing complex life insurance business.


    Checkmate™ is about fast turnaround and an insurance broker's most convenient alternative to where she / he writes business presently. Convenience, customer experience and a competitive edge in pursuing and writing applications on clients.

  • Next Generation of Insurance Marketing

    The Checkmate Platform™ is about acquiring (and keeping) clients.


    Our firepower + proprietary underwriting = your productivity.


    33% Higher 

    Client Retention


    21.6% Lower 

    Cycle Time


    Competitive Edge

    66% Higher 

    Closing Ratio on Sales Appointments


  • Checkmate™

    Clients Tend to Experience Challenges With Getting Life Insurance. Especially as Part of a Financial Plan for Their Family and / or Business.


    Contact Checkmate™ regarding difficult or complex clients and your clients will thank you. That is because clients know that underwriting decisions dictate insurance policy premiums they have to pay for.



    LifeHealthPro Magazine

    In 2015, LifeHealthPro Magazine cited Atlantic for being the first brokerage agency (BGA) to run on a 24-hour business day program. We were ahead of our peers in 2004 and maintain quality control performance benchmarks rivaled by very few insurance service intermediaries.

    "Smart” Life Underwriting

    Gary Baker oversees Atlantic's Checkmate Platform™ for “smart” life underwriting and, by its very nature, client prospecting. Mr. Baker views his ability to grow clients (and sales) for insurance agencies, wholesalers and affiliates like a football game. That is to say, Gary is an industry-recognized master at metaphorically huddling up, weighting risk / reward merits of your client's situation, shot-calling a play no one else thought to run, and charging into the end zone.


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